Tips to Clean Hardwood and Laminate Floor

The floors in your home are equally important as the other parts of your home. Many people are disappointed to discover that it’s difficult to keep their floors clean and maintained especially if they have laminate and hardwood flooring best steam mop for laminate floors.

In reality it is a common complaint from people who regularly vacuum and also use other equipment like steam mops and Bona mops. The machines tend to create more dirt on floors , and create swirling dirt circles. What can you do to keep your laminate and hardwood floors clean? How do you make them produce their distinctive shine and keep their shine?

Vacuum Frequently

The first thing to do to keep your wood floors is clean them often. A few times a week is sufficient. If you’ve got the time make sure to make it a habit to do it more often. Hardwood floors don’t go through a dull day. It can take a long time. Vacuuming can help prevent this.

Avoid Using Vinegar for Hardwood

A lot of people recommend using vinegar and water when cleaning hardwood flooring. They claim it will help keep its shine. This is not a good idea. In fact, vinegar reduces the shine of hardwood. In the case of laminate flooring vinegar and water yield great results. What causes this phenomenon is still to be discovered. However, it is important not to use it on hardwood flooring.

If you need to use something for cleaning your floors of hardwood, make use of hot tea bags and hot water. This is how it works. Bring the water to a boil and then add 2-4 teabags. Let it to boil for a couple of minutes. Then, pour the tea in the bucket. With a towel or a cloth to soak in the bucket , and then wring out until the towel is wet. Make use of the damp rag or towel to clean the floor first and then use mop to scrub. After drying and the floor is dry, it should regain its shine.

Avoid Washing

There’s very little or no value from cleaning floors. It is commonplace to recommend that you wash your floors. This doesn’t help a bit. It will make laminate and hardwood floor looking dull. Therefore, you should avoid washing.

If you have to clean your hardwood floors using a mop and water, then a mop can do the trick. If you have laminate flooring, be certain to use only an ounce or two of dish soap. Insert the mop, and then wring it out until it’s damp. Then, scrub the floor using it. If you’re feeling brave make use of a J-cloth put your hands on your knees and scrub thoroughly.

Hire a Laminate Floor Cleaning Service

If you’ve tried everything but aren’t getting any results or don’t have the time or the energy to determine what cleaning products or solutions will yield the best results, just employ a laminate floor cleaner. A professional cleaning service will know the best cleaning fluid you should use to cleanse any type of floor and provide the most effective outcomes. Also, using the service one service will save you lots of energy, time and energy. It’s not even necessary to be present when cleaning is being done. You can leave and return to see your floors sparkling and clean.

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