Targeted Domain Names – Latest 6 Simple Steps to Explode Your Domain Names

A lot of people think it is a huge process to get their home based internet marketing businesses live on the web. Well, I have broken it down to 10 short and easy steps. Just 10 steps and you are up with a website, building a list and on your way!


  1. Get Domain Name: choose a domain dmarc report name so people know what your site is about-don’t make them guess! The best domain names are either descriptive or what I call “benefit oriented”.
  2. Set up Web Hosting: web hosting is like having a PO Box. This is the actual location where visitors to your site will go. You just need a really basic service. Look for the least expensive plan that offers unlimited domain names.
  3. Linking Your Domain to Your Web Hosting Account: once you have your domain name and your web hosting account, you link them together so they communicate properly.
  4. Fast and Easy Web Sites, Installing your WordPress Blog: I suggest using WordPress for your website because it is absolutely the easiest way to get set up. This blog format can be used for just about any kind of a website and Google really loves them.
  5. Sign up for an Autoresponder System: this allows you to communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis. By automating your communication you can write your emails once and they will continue to work for you in the future…allowing you to focus on building your list and supporting your customers. There are lots of options for how you go about this, but I encourage you to use a third-party system with great deliverability rates and that make it easy for you to create opt-in forms.
  6. Create your First List: inside your autoresponder system you can create several different lists. Start with a list for people who are signing up for your website for the very first time.
  7. Create your first Opt-in Form: the opt-in form is the way you build your list. By putting their name and email in your opt-in form, subscribers are giving you permission to send them emails. Creating the opt-in form is easy–it doesn’t have to be fancy. You can create the form through your autoresponder system. You will grab the html code that is generated by the system (you don’t have to know how to write the code, just how to copy and paste it!).
  8. Put the Opt-in Form on Your Website: now that you have your website started, your list created and the code from your autoresponder system, you can place the opt-in form code on your website so that people can actually subscribe to your ezine or get your updates.
  9. Write Your Welcome Message in Your Autoresponder Service: this is the first message that your subscribers get…the one they receive when they opt-in to your website. It sets the tone for your future messages, but it should be short and sweet.
  10. Opt-in to Your List and Make Sure Everything is Working Properly: I always recommend you test, test, test. Before you put the word out that your site is live, be sure to opt-in to your list and make sure it all works.


That’s it! Your home based internet marketing businesses are now live on the web. You have a website and you are building a list which is fantastic. Now you will work on tweaking, improving and adding to this awesome foundation!