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So, hedge trimmings, woodchip, plant stems, straw, and fallen leaves. You can add to your brown waste by using shredded cardboard and paper. Make sure you have a mixture of brown and green waste. To get healthy compost, you need one-third green waste and two-thirds brown waste.

Junk Removal: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

There may be a lot of material to move—and especially in the case of a beloved relative, the physical act of throwing away their possessions can be painful. Junk removal can help make these processes streamlined and much easier. Clearabee has impressive eco stats, they are carbon neutral and almost nothing goes to waste which is exactly how waste removal in today’s society should be. They’ll collect most types of general domestic waste including bulky items like sofas and armchairs. Check out the full range Man & Van services over at Clearabee here. Skip bags are available from as little as £99.99 making it a totally affordable waste removal option.

Check with your local waste removal company to find out what options are available in your area. E-waste removal prices are calculated on the number of electronics removed,so costs vary. E-waste includes electronic and electrical devices like computers, TVs, and stereos, which contain manytoxic materialsthat are hazardous not only to humans but to the environment. Trash removal is typically covered as part of your county or city utilities, depending on where you live.

But this can go up or down depending on all of the above. Removing construction waste costs $200 to $250, depending on the type. Construction waste includes debris from remodeling or other projects. The cost to dump at a landfill is around$50if you do it yourself.

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Our fixed-price Skip Bags are a relatively new waste collection service which starts with our small Skip Bags. These are at a cost of £114.99 when bought along with the collection, which comes with free bag delivery.

To help estimate the size of skip you need, you can use this rule of thumb. The number of full bin bags you can fit in a skip is equal to 10x the number of cubic yards. For example, a 2-yard skip can hold 20 bags, and an 8-yard skip can hold 80 bags. If you want to save on garden clearance costs, then this is a job you can DIY.