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Depending on the members of your family or the kinds of friends you have, you may want to go for a specific type of fabric. For example, if you aren’t worried about dirt or debris you can try for a linen couch.

Rizwan also points out that certain colors may fade more quickly when exposed to sunlight. So if your room is filled with natural light that your sofa will be exposed to all day, it’s best to choose lighter colors instead of darker ones, as they are more resistant to fading. When incorporating the sofa into your existing decor, Rozit Arditi suggests starting with the area rug and deciding on the best sofa fabric for your needs. “We gravitate towards using the texture in the rug, so the sofa fabrics are usually more neutral for us,” she explains.

How Big Is a Sofa Table?

While personal preferences and design styles may vary, certain sofa colors may not be the best choice for most living spaces. A standard sofa can measure anything in between 68 inches and 96 inches long, but the most common size is 84 inches which typically seats three people. Designed to seat two people, loveseats, or small sofas, are shorter and are typically around 59 inches on average.

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Sectionals like the West Elm Harmony Modular Sectional provide more seating, making them a good solution for large families or big rooms. In terms of feel, this sofa is on the firmer side; both the bottom cushions and the armrests are quite hard, which could make lounging or laying down a struggle. Article is a brand you can count on for high-quality furniture pieces at relatively affordable prices.

If the other front leg doesn’t quickly rise off the floor too, it’s a sign the frame is twisting and weak. Avoid a sofa that visibly twists or creaks during this test. You can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2,500 for a basic sofa.

Building the sofa: How to avoid a headache

Run your hand over all corners to make sure you can’t feel the edges of the frame through the upholstery. If you can feel the frame, the upholstery may wear down quickly, and your couch will not be very comfortable to use.

In this case, choose eco-friendly or naturally derived fabrics, like cotton, canvas, linen, or wool. You can purchase loveseats individually, and they typically start at around $150. However, you’ll also come across living room sets that include a matching sofa and loveseat.