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With a newly burgeoning tourism industry, the country is now more open to foreign tourists than ever before, though many people still do not know much about travel to this ancient land of Genghis Khan. Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists.

Mongolia remains one of my favourite travel destinations because it’s so untouched. Because of it’s vastness and little tourism, people are hesitant to go without a tour, but it’s totally possible! Here are all of my tips for travelling to Mongolia without a tour. If you are seeking more authentic sightseeing and deeper Inner Mongolia culture and history highlights, it is also popular to discover Chifeng and Xilingol for 4-5 days. A middle and east Inner Mongolia discovery to Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos and Hulunbuir usually takes about 6-8 days, which helps you savor the top representative prairie sightseeing and culture of Inner Mongolia.

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And your itinerary can be decided based on your trip length, interests and a major area of this vast destination. In Inner Mongolia, there are different kinds of horse riding experience. Choose the most suitable type based on your interest and physical condition. Gareth Johnson is the founder of Young Pioneer Tours and has visited over 180+ countries.

There will be an annual Winter Naadam Festival held in December. The summer heat disappears and is followed by pleasant autumn weather. The golden landscape of the nearby forests and wetlands is amazing, and attracts flocks of photographers to come. Chat with a local travel specialist in Mongolia who can help organize your trip. It always seems a bit strange that Mongolia is not that populous anymore, especially as it was such a great empire in the past. I have heard nothing but amazing things about Mongolia and it looks like a must-do for the travel bucket list.

A five-day Mongolia itinerary makes it possible to discover the two sides of contemporary Mongolian life – city living in Ulaanbaatar and the rural idyll that still occupies much of the country. Having spent a couple of days among the grandiose buildings in the capital’s heart, turn your attention to the delights of Gorkhi Terelj National Park. A week at your disposal will give you the opportunity to see the wild horses of Khutsai National Park. However, given the country’s massive size, and to do the country the justice it deserves, we recommend a Mongolia itinerary of two weeks. This will give you the time you need to discover the Gobi Desert, explore the heritage of Genghis Khan, and spend time at the country’s mirror-like lakes. If your aim is to experience the incredible Naadam Festival that involves traditional Mongolian sports , then three days is an acceptable amount of time.

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Top 3 Hulunbuir tours chosen by most customers to explore Hulunbuir in the best way. Mukeden houses in Shiwei Russian Towns and Enhe Russian Towns are the typical Russian folk houses. The insider and outsider of the houses are usually made of trees in brown or brownness color. You can find power supply, airport conditioner, hot water, TV and more in the room. However, thry are still of only 2 star and are always in limited.

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And local buses, taxis and private transfer service of China Discover are top chosen for travelers. Additional days and experiences can be added to this itinerary.

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Visiting Mongolia and returning without exploring the Mongolian Gobi Desert is like a mild unofficial crime. The total estimated area is said to be covering almost 500,000 square miles. Luggage Allowance on Tibet Train and Flight Allowed baggage for Tibet Tour by flight and train.

Remnants of this ancient settlement can still be seen in the city. However, the biggest attraction is the is the Erdene Zuu Monastery – Mongolia’s oldest surviving monastery and one of the few that survived the communist purges in the early 1900s.

Ancient government in Tibet was run by the Buddhist lamas, with the Dalai Lama being the head of both the religion and the government. Hardly surprising in a place where religion and culture go hand in hand. The palace is also the winter palace of the Dalai Lama, and remained the set of government from its construction to the move to Norbulingka in 1755. Traveling in Tibet is one of the most amazing experiences you can have, and it will leave you with a sense of purpose that can only come from such a divine place. Filled with monasteries and temples, Tibet is one of the most unique lands in the world and has more to offer the adventurous tourist than just monasteries and yaks. If there is one place you must visit in Mongolia that is linked to its Buddhist culture, then it is Shambala, the huge Buddhist site in Khamaryn Khiid.