How Soon Can I Drive After a Ban?



If you’ve lost your driver’s license, you may have reached the maximum number of penalty points or have committed an act that was judged by justices to placed the lives of others at risk. more info


The duration of a driving suspension is determined by the seriousness of the offence and may be anywhere from one to 10 years. In the most serious circumstances, judges will prohibit the driver for the rest of their lives, keeping consideration for the safety of general public at the forefront.


If the crime is not as serious, you could be required to serve a Short-Period Disqualification (SPD) which is not more than 56-days types of driving licences The court will require you to surrender permission to the judge for that specified period of time. A permanent file will be issued however it won’t be released, and you won’t be forced to take a test again and you are able to drive when the SPD expires.


If you are facing full license disqualifications , you are able to apply for a new license after the time has passed. It is done by making the proper forms online or in the post office. The first step is to provide you with a temporary driving permit and you will be able to apply to retake the theory test, hazard perception, and the practical test.


If not otherwise endorsed by a magistrate endorsements for a disqualification remain on a license which you’ll need to make an appearance and prove your case to get them removed.


If someone is disqualified they can seek their driver’s license sooner than the date of expiration of the ban. This is contingent on the particular circumstances of the driver as well as the duration of the ban.


If a driver has completed the driving improvement course or any other measures to ensure safe driving after becoming completed, they could be granted by a judge to serve only half of their suspension. The impact from the prohibition on a person’s professional or family life could be a factor in the court’s decision.


A driving ban that is longer than two years can be canceled within the first half of the proposed duration of the disqualification. For instance, for 10-year bans, you could apply for a new ban after five. If you were re-offended in any way, by driving, or any other means, following your suspension, cannot be overturned, there is no chance of reversing a ban. Also, when you are banned from driving, you could face the possibility of a jail sentence or an imposing fine.