How Much Exercise Does an Australian Shepherd Need? Vet Approved Advice

This trait is often referred to as “ghost eye” and is considered a desirable trait in the breed standard. Keep reading to learn more about their potential size and the difference between male and female Aussies. When your pup starts nipping at your ankles or pant legs while you walk, simply stop walking.

They are smart dogs who need structure and consistency to thrive. Positive reinforcement training methods, such as treats and praise, work best with Aussies. In summary, a balanced diet that is high in protein and carbohydrates is essential for the health and well-being of Australian Shepherds. During the puppy stage, Australian Shepherds can gain weight at a rate of 2-3 pounds per week.

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A lack of rules and boundaries can give a dog the impression it has the same authority as its humans and that clearly was the case here. When a dog believes it has the same authority as a human, then the dog believes that it can do whatever he wants as it sees the human as a peer and not as an authority figure. This is almost certainly related to the dog’s eliminating in the home. For a full overview and step-by-step guide about Australian Shepherd grooming, check out this informative video. It is advisable to bathe them only when they are dirty as bathing irritates their skin. Clip their nails as and when required, and brush their teeth often. Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OD or OCD) is an inflammatory condition in which the diseased cartilage separates from its underlying bone.

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Once you recognize these herding signs, you can stop the behavior before they engage in it. You need to start by recognizing the behavior that your Australian Shepherd begins to exhibit when they are about to start herding. Due to their herding skills, as well as being intelligent and high energy, Aussies need to be kept busy and do well in herding and agility trials. Saying “come” with a happy voice versus “come” when you’re frustrated can confuse a dog. These techniques can be used for other tricks, and since Aussies are food motivated, they will pick up the training quickly. Speak to the workers and volunteers at the rescue agency to give them an idea of what kind of qualities and temperament you are looking for in an Australian shepherd.

You need to give your Aussie as many opportunities to interact with as many people, environments, and situations as possible. This will give your puppy self-confidence and the realization that the world can be an exciting and fun place, not something to fear. With BARK, every day can be the best day of your and your pup’s life. With an Aussie, that’s more than 4,000 awesome days—enjoy them all. Brushing and bathing also give you a chance to check your Aussie’s skin for irritation, rashes, ticks, and other unwanted occurrences. Think of it as a group spa date… that also involves a full physical.

How to Train the “Bossy Aussie”: The Most Important things to know for training a Miniature Australian Shepherd

Using a slicker brush first is best to get the topmost dead hairs off and the easier tangles out. This type of brush will help to identify tangles too, so that they can be brushed out with something such as a Furminator. If the mat is too involved, you may have to carefully cut it out with scissors.

If you have any household rules, she suggests setting boundaries and rules early. It can be very confusing to dogs to change the rules halfway through,” she said. Reward your Australian Shepherd for a good interaction with other dogs. The walk is also a great way to provide social enrichment and opportunities to meet other dogs along the way. Remember to be calm and confident when introducing new experiences to them. Australian Shepherds are very sensitive to your energy and excellent at reading your emotions.

They are excellent herding dogs that are renowned for their superb work as sheepherders. They will herd everything that they can and are intelligent enough to be able to trick their owners from time to time, so they aren’t the best dogs for inexperienced owners. Spending time with an Australian shepherd has to be one of life’s greatest joys. When a pup is this precious and playful, it’s understandable that you want as much time together as possible. Encourage solo play with puzzle toys and treat dispensing balls to build their confidence.

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Don’t overlook his belly, the inside of his hind legs, under his arms, and behind his ears. Most Aussies are medium-sized dogs, but when you get your new puppy, you may wonder how big he or she will get. You can use this as a reference to see how your puppy compares to the average. In recent years, our relationship with dog training has evolved. These days, it is strongly believed that positive-reinforcement training is the best way to achieve good results. This form of training excludes all violence and advocates for rewards instead, either in the form of verbal praise and petting or something like a game or treat.

The original breeders claimed that they were descendants of breeds used in Australia to herd sheep, and that is how the breed ended up with the name Australian Shepherd. Aussies are eager to please, but if you’re not consistent it’s hard for your dog to know how to behave.