How Many Items Should Be PAT Tested in a Day?

This is the million dollar question among PAT testers; you will pay attention many one-of-a-kind solutions depending on who is asking the question, who’s answering it, and whether a purchaser is being advised the solution or every other enterprise.

I even have heard some groups announcing “if you can not PAT test 500 objects in a day you then’re no precise to us” whilst in search of contractors to Pat Testing Company West Lothian PAT test for them, and I’ve heard organisation directors announcing “if my team of workers check extra than two hundred gadgets in in the future, I’d be asking them what they have got skipped”

With PAT Testing it’s miles common to have a ‘fee in step with item’ which makes the process nearly “peace charge”, this should not make any difference but with some businesses that charge so little this may mean rushing the paintings and slicing corners to make as plenty money as viable.

How long is a operating day? Generally 8 hours, with breaks.. Many customers expect a PAT tester to work a lot longer than that and occasionally the PAT tester will to get a task carried out in 1 day in preference to 2. There are often I have labored a 10-12 hour day to save going again to a site on a second day.

But what number of gadgets ought to be tested in a day? That depends on what’s being examined and the vicinity… A constructing web site’s 110v gear as an instance take loads longer to check than computers in a call centre, or spare leads in an IT garage room.

Let’s maintain matters easy for this research;

We have an 8 hour day, from which we will take a 30 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks, which leaves us 7 running hours.

We are working in an office environment with banks of computer systems. There are 50 people working in the office, each with a pc. Every five computer systems feed to a printer. So with a computer being four items (PC hard pressure, display and a pair of detachable leads) and the printer being 2 items (printer unit and removable lead) so we’ve 10 printers.

So, it truly is 50 computer systems, which is 200 items, 10 printers that’s 20 items, that is 220 items.

To conduct the checks first we need to unplug the leads, then we need to test to make certain the ideal fuse is in location, test the cable is in precise condition and attaching factors are not damaged. A proper skilled PAT Tester have to be able to test the lead in approximately 30 seconds (these days maximum IT items have sealed plugs, had we needed to open up the plug to check inside this manner might take 1-2 mins).

In addition to the leads the unit needs to be checked, then electric exams be performed on all items. With connecting and disconnecting, it takes about 30 seconds to test each lead, and the equal for every equipment. Altogether it have to take a few minutes to check each equipment.

No matter how accurate or skilled the PAT Tester is that they shouldn’t be able to check extra than 20-30 items an hour, in an workplace environment. This is a great level to work at – 220 items at 30 objects consistent with hour is approx 7 hours.

There might be instances when extra gadgets may be performed, and others while less objects are achieved, but the factor to don’t forget here is as a consequence:

If we’ve simply worked out that in a 7 hour day (approx) we need to be able to check 220 objects how can a few groups promise their customers that they may test 500 gadgets in the identical time?