Concrete Driveway Service

Concrete driveways are prone to cracks, potholes, Parking Lot and deterioration from continual use. You should fix any damage quickly to ensure your driveways remain in good condition. This will not just fix the problem but will also prolong the life of the driveway and improve its appearance. If potholes or cracks are not addressed promptly, water from the rains could seep into driveways. Contained moisture can also worsen cracks. Concrete driveways crack most frequently from standing water. Corrosion can also be caused due to extreme sun rays or temperature fluctuations.

You must first clean out your driveway to fix any cracks. Clearing the surface well reduces the chance of damage to the driveway and makes repairs easy and quick. It doesn’t matter what kind of damage has been done, chip any concrete that isn’t belong to the fissures. Use a small screwdriver, chisel or a small chisel to do this. By doing this, cracks won’t grow unnecessarily big and only the loose and hanging residue will be removed. Grab a clean, stiff brush and remove all debris. It is also important to clean the cracks, which can be done with an air compressor vacuum cleaner.

Repairing and fixing

Now is the time to start the actual work of repairing and fixing the damage.

Small cracks and hairlines: You can use a polymer-based product or a mix of cement, water to fix small cracks. The garden hose can be used to dry out the concrete driveway quickly and easily. This is done so that dry concrete doesn’t absorb any water when it’s poured into cracks. This step should be skipped as it could cause cement to not set properly. Take out any remaining water. Next, use a trowel to press the mixture into the cracks. After that, smoothen it off. The plastic should be left on the surface for at least five days. To allow it to set properly, water it daily.

Large Cracks and Potholes This step is essential in the repair process in order to make sure the work is durable. Next, apply any bonding agent/cement adhesive to the undercut. Use a brush. To fill in the cracks, you can either buy a mix of cement, sand, or gravel, or make your own. With a trowel, push the mixture down on the crack. Allow the repair to cure in the same way as small cracks.